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An Evolution In Martial Arts

Kaido Ryu Karate-Do, (Pronounced Kie-Doh Roo) "The Way Of Change School, Empty Hand Way", is a modern principle based martial art of practical self-protection that combines elements from both classical and modern Japanese martial disciplines into a single comprehensive system. Kaido Ryu Karate-Do places equal emphasis on "Go-ho" hard style techniques (Blocks, Strikes, and Kicks), "Ju-ho" soft style techniques (Joint locks, Throws, and Holds), and "Buki-ho" self-protection tool / weapon techniques (Traditional and Improvised Weapons). As a martial art of self-protection, Kaido Ryu teaches Karate as a personal way of life and not merely a competitive combat sport.


An Inovation In Training

Classes in Kaido Ryu Karate-Do are available at the Kaidokan Hombu Dojo in Gilbert, Arizona. We offer fun, safe, and exciting classes that emphasize personal empowerment through authentic warrior craft martial arts training and practical self-defense for both adults and children (Ages 6 years old & Up). Our family friendly personal instruction is provided through small group classes that focus on student success. All classes are available either individually or through a monthly club membership without the contracts, belt rank testing fees, or hidden costs found in most commercial studios. 


A Legacy Of Service

The Kaido Ryu Karate-Do system and its method of training were developed by Sensei Scott Mulder from four decades of experience in traditional Asian martial arts. Sensei Mulder has trained and inspired hundreds of students over his thirty year martial arts teaching career. In 2002, Sensei Mulder was recognized for his work in teaching children's Karate programs for high risk inner city youth in Arizona. Later in 2005, Sensei Mulder was also recognized as a pioneer in the field of martial arts training for students with special needs and mobility challenges. Through a legacy of service to others Kaido Ryu carries on the traditions and wisdom of Sensei Mulder's teachers who have travelled this path before him. A legacy that is based upon the premise that Karate-Do is not simply a martial art but a way of life that promotes positive change, peace, and personal empowerment.


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